Intelligent Talent Management Solutions

Solutions That Improve Business Outcomes

Turn talent management strategy into organizational success with CareerHarmony

  • Inform decisions for smarter hiring
  • Increase efficiency and enhance candidate experience
  • Match the right candidate to the right job
  • Reduce cost-to-hire and shorten time-to-hire
  • Identify higher performing talent for business success
  • Improve quality of hire for enhanced talent retention

Intelligent SaaS Talent Management System

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Validated, in-depth aptitude, personality and skills tests

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Leading-edge technology for better hiring

The ROMA Applicant Tracking System is a state-of-the-art cloud-based, highly flexible platform designed to help companies worldwide meet the toughest recruiting challenges.

Whether you’re a high-volume recruiter, part of an internal HR recruiting team, or a recruitment consultant, ROMA quickly and easily improves hiring process efficiency and effectiveness with a robust SaaS-automated workflow platform. This totally automated hiring process offers unlimited scalability and enables efficient identification of qualified employees.

Innovate as you integrate

Whether with simple access via a website link or full integration, ROMA’s industry-leading development infrastructure enables seamless links to back and front office HRMS and web sites, published API and integration kits.

Reach potential candidates faster

ROMA enables seamless integration with job boards and social networking sites and externally sources and matches to get in front of job seekers faster.  Whether opportunities and searches are local or global, ROMA streamlines recruiting with candidate-friendly, multilingual mobile accessibility.

Start with a strong intake solution

Collect information with ease from a wide pool of applicants, automatically process critical personal data and screen out unsuitable candidates right from the start. For high-volume recruiting campaigns, thousands of unsuitable candidates can be screened out before reaching the time-intensive assessment phase.

Rate and rank more intelligently

Managing large potential candidate pools has never been easier.  ROMA’s extensive library of psychometric assessments complements recruiter ratings from traditional assessment tactics such as phone and live online interviews, candidate-posted capability videos and resume reviews.  Easy to use rating tools capture candidate data and recruiter/hiring manager feedback to rank the highest-rated candidates.

Improve applicant tracking

ROMA’s robust reporting tools provide immediate results and automatic candidate ranking through individual and group reporting capabilities. Mobile enabled talent management tools track candidates throughout the recruitment process using automatic messaging to update both recruiters and candidates.

Build for the future

The ability to build a pool of potential future candidates is key to a hiring strategy that is increasingly efficient and lower cost. Access insights into prior assessments and ratings for high-potential candidates not matched to an earlier opportunity.

Customize and Create

ROMA’s customizable solutions allow for the creation of a singular or multistage project that suites your needs.  The system’s select tools offer your flexibility to design a project with a variety of forms, questionnaires and assessments (either ours or a third party’s).  ROMA can also reflect your company’s branding or blend in with the look and feel of your existing system.

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Assessments Solutions

Informed decisions identify the best fit

Improve recruiting outcomes with validated, in-depth assessments designed to identify the best candidate fit.  Our extensive multidimensional test library covers a full range of competencies including aptitude, personality, knowledge and specific job skills.

Developed over nearly two decades, the ROMA platform of validated assessments continues to extend the boundaries of assessment methodology. These validated tests have been repeatedly proven in life situations, adding significant value to job recruitment and placement decisions. Whether you select predefined tests or choose to customize, you’ll hire smarter using assessments proven to effectively identify qualified talent.


Assess required job skills and competencies from predefined, job-related sessions.  Configure your own content validated sessions using our extensive library of tests for frequently recruited roles in a wide variety of industries.


Choose assessments from our or another provider’s extensive library for seamless hosting on the ROMA platform. Tests can be customized and are available in 21 languages.


The technically advanced ROMA platform goes beyond traditional assessments with interactive task-simulation tests proven to be excellent job performance indicators.


Validated assessments are vetted by our international advisory board of organizational and industrial psychologists to ensure they remain accurate predictors of job performance.